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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Question - How do I apply my GAME CHANGER brace?

Answer-  Application is simple and easy. Provided with every brace are printed instructions for use.

Or if you prefer

click here for a step by step application video.


Question- Can I wear the GAME CHANGER under or over clothing?

AnswerWhile best outcomes are achieved when the brace is worn directly against the skin, either under or over clothing is effective.



Question- How often and when should I wear the GAME CHANGER?


The GAME CHANGER is intended to get patients back to as much activity as possible. We recommend the first week that the brace is worn between 30 and 60 Minutes the first day and gradually increased as comfortable each day thereafter. 


Usual activities such as riding your bike, taking walks, gardening, tennis, golf, or any other activity that patients wish to engage in should be done as long as the patient remains comfortable and pain free. The goal of the GAME CHANGER is to help patients get their life back.

Question- As a healthcare provider, or as a patient, should I feel comfortable calling the GAME CHANGER OA support line?

Answer- Yes, our GAME CHANGER OA support line is available to any office staff, as well as to all patients. Regardless of your question, "Big or Small", please feel free to call the OA support line for help at 844.357.4931.   Our support staff is available 7am – 3pm PST Mon – Fri.



Our goal is to support Physicians, their staff, and all patients to have success and satisfaction that exceeds expectations with the GAME CHANGER product.


Question - Is the GAME CHANGER reimbursable?

Answer -  Yes. However reimbursement is ultimately the responsibility of the billing party and Ovation takes no responsibility for the accurate submission of reimbursement requests.

Question -  Is there a PDAC approval letter for the GAME CHANGER?

Answer- Yes a PDAC letter has been provided

click here to review.

Question - Can I bill Medicare for braces? 

Answer - Please see our "Billing Frequently Asked Questions" click here to review

Question - Are physicians permitted to bill private insurers for DME and, if so, are there any specific processes physicians must follow to do so? 


Answer -  Physicians who have obtained a NPI number are permitted to bill private insurers for DME.  To bill a private insurer as a participating provider, physicians typically must complete an application process and enter into a participating provider agreement with the insurer.  Physicians may also bill a private insurer as a non-participating provider (i.e., without going through the application process and signing the participating provider agreement).  However, non-participating providers typically are reimbursed at a lower rate by the insurer and some insurers will not reimburse non-participating providers directly (i.e., the insurer reimburses the patient and the physician must seek payment from the patient).  more info:

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