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Question - Is the GAME CHANGER reimbursable?

Answer -  Yes. However reimbursement is ultimately the responsibility of the billing party and Ovation takes no responsibility for the accurate submission of reimbursement requests.

Question -  Is there a PDAC approval letter for the GAME CHANGER?

Answer- Yes a PDAC letter has been provided

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PDAC for under sleeve 

Question - Can I bill Medicare for braces? 

Answer - Please see our "Billing Frequently Asked Questions" 

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Question - Are physicians permitted to bill private insurers for DME and, if so, are there any specific processes physicians must follow to do so? 


Answer -  Physicians who have obtained a NPI number are permitted to bill private insurers for DME.  To bill a private insurer as a participating provider, physicians typically must complete an application process and enter into a participating provider agreement with the insurer.  Physicians may also bill a private insurer as a non-participating provider (i.e., without going through the application process and signing the participating provider agreement).  However, non-participating providers typically are reimbursed at a lower rate by the insurer and some insurers will not reimburse non-participating providers directly (i.e., the insurer reimburses the patient and the physician must seek payment from the patient).  more info:

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